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Ken has had a love of aquatic life for as long as he can remember. One of his earliest memories was when he was around the age of 6 hanging around the pond in the backyard of his uncle’s house.A flash of brilliant color caught his eye and upon further inspection discovered a school of goldfish.e picked up a pebble, dropped it in the pond and watched as the bright colors streaked through the water in a multitude of vectors.s sparked a lifetime of curiosity and love for all types of aquatic life.

From that moment forward Ken has always had some sort of aquarium. He started with a 10G freshwater tank which turned into taking care of a small koi pond at his parents’ house. After a few years the family vacationed in Mazatlan which fostered his passion for saltwater life. Ken soon bought his first house and the first upgrade he completed was constructing a cantilevered deck over a pond.

Since then Ken has had too many tanks to count; flitting between freshwater and saltwater setups as time and attention allowed. He funded this passion via a long and successful career in construction. After many years in that industry, he decided to branch out on his own and combine his love, knowledge, and experience from both his profession and his hobby into a service that helps spread his passion for aquatics to his customers. This mindset flows through to each and every interaction with clients which translates to helping them succeed in becoming masters of their own little slice of heaven at home which the Ocean Aquatics Team redefines as a saltwater reef tank.


For most people, adolescence is a turbulent time where childlike wonder collides with the fast approaching reality of the real world. From this stems a natural curiosity where those in this stage of life seek to understand how to navigate the coming future. As part of this bout of curiosity Brian turned to new experiences, one of which was aquatics and was instantly hooked into learning about this new, strange, and wonderful aspect of this world which was quickly imposing its reality on his generation.

Starting with a freshwater setup, Brian quickly turned to saltwater as the allure of corals was calling his name.  At first he was left to his own devices as a good, local and reliable resource was non-existent. This led to a firehose of knowledge through trial and error sprinkled with some painful experiences. These were not enough to derail his new found passion and only served to fuel his curiosity even further. A few months after Ocean Aquatics started, he spent his time hanging out and helping Ken with various projects around the shop. This led to an unexpected friendship where the two of them could share their love for the hobby all day while working to create a shop that would fit the needs of any aquarist.

Today, Brian has over a decade of experience he can call upon to share with his customers. His experiences in his early days drive him to provide a large educational component to the services he provides. His passion is helping each reefer climb to their desired level of expertise and excels in working with clients on customizing their aquariums and leveraging his knowledge to tailor our services to each individuals reefing needs.


As a kid growing up Doug was always fascinated by the ocean. When he saw his first saltwater tank he told himself he would one day join the ranks of being a reefer. He fulfilled that promise when he purchased his first house and has been an avid reefer ever since. Although new-ish to the industry he brings enthusiasm to educate and help others succeed in this hobby - both for the benefit of the hobbyist and the finned friends we find ourselves lucky enough to have the opportunity to care for.