Aquarium Maintenance

Do you have the tank of your dreams already set up but need help maintaining it?

Or maybe you are new to the hobby and need a little support getting your maintenance routine down.  Perhaps your needs lie somewhere in between. Come talk with us and see if we can help you take your maintenance to the next level, and with it your tank! Some of our on-site maintenance services include:

  • Water testing, changing, and testing
  • Overall system diagnostics
  • Tank moving or transfer

Free, with every service, we bring our experience and expertise!  Part of the benefit of looping in our shop with your maintenance needs is since we own the storefront, we have ready access to the many reefing supplies hobbyists depend on to keep a healthy and thriving aquarium.  Being shop owners allows us the privilege and opportunity to interact and network with people from all aspects of the aquarium trade industry, which is why we carry the variety of products we do because we understand every tanks needs are different.  Your success is our success!

See what else we have in store!

Customer Review (posted on Google)

Love this place. I was starting a nano reef coming from 18 years of freshwater and they guys there have been a mainly helping in navigating coral selection. They have a great selection of corals to chose from, and even time I dip the corals, nothing comes off them :) [Definitely] worth stepping in and checking things our at a minimum if you're a reef keeper!

Brands we carry

These are only some of the brands we carry in our shop. Stop by today and/or call us to see if we have what you need or looking for! And if we happen to not have it in shop, we can call our providers and see if we can get it for you.